About Birkiey

Birkiey is owned and run by Einar and Eva Koefoed, and Mathilde Hjort.

The goal for our breeding is to create high quality riding horses, with smooth gaits as well as a smooth mind. The bloodlines of the Birkiey horses are rooted in great icelandic traditions, from Ketilsstadir with Jón Bergsson and Bergur Jónsson, as well as Sydri-Gegnishólar with Bergur and Olil Amble. We wish to thank them for all the help and guidance they provide us with.

Mathilde Hjort has been riding Icelandic horses for over 20 years, with many years on the competition track. After a few years break from training to focus on her studies in Canada, she is now back in the saddle, and is Birkiey’s horse trainer and rider in Norway.



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